Julia Analena Hollmann

Malerei, Acryl, 2021

B x H x T: 60 x 80 x 2 cm

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I studied translating and interpreting at university and published a scientific dissertation on the neurological basis of foreign language proficiency. In this thesis, I've also studied how the brain processes different sensory stimuli. My paintings are heavily influenced by the global impressions I've gathered over the years traveling as an interpreter; the textures of white-washed houses and terracotta textures in Spain and Greece, colours from France and Italy all the way to Sweden, or the classic and timeless beauty of Ancient Rome and Greece. I only paint abstract art, mostly acrylic on canvas, and I almost exclusively paint with spatulae and other unconventional tools, rather than brushes. By using a big spatulae, the chosen colors on the canvas mix randomly, creating an irreproducible pattern. The final product of this technique, to me, is representative of the randomness of life, which can produce extreme beauty as a product of chance.


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