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attila ortac
Mitglied seit 2016

10 Fragen an attila ortac

1. Wie sind Sie zur Kunst gekommen?
"How did you get into art?" The magic aura of photographs has fascinated me ever since my earliest childhood. The very first picture-book I held in my hands at the age of six was a childrens book with little text but brightly colored photographs. It was the beginning of my love of photography and my longing that continues until today.
2. Was inspiriert Sie? Wie finden Sie Ihre Motive?
"What inspires you? How do you search for motives?" The obliviousness, combined with a feeling of inner peace, that comes with searching for motives. The ever-changing ways of seeing the world, the light. It is my desire that helps me discover and see my motives.
3. Wo entstehen Ihre Kunstwerke?
"Where do you create your work?" The journey is the destination. Both in my immediate surroundings and on journeys.
4. Wie haben Sie Ihr künstlerisches Handwerk gelernt?
"How did you learn your craft?" Im a self-taught photographer who gained knowledge and skills in photo technology, its methods and processes on my own initiative. Creativity originates from embracing light in its entirety.
5. Was ist für Sie persönlich das Wichtigste, das jemals jemand über ein Kunstwerk von Ihnen gesagt oder geschrieben hat?
"To you personally, what is the most important thing someone has ever said or written about your work?" Its the magic moment of astonishment, the moment the photograph affects me and takes me away. Cornelia
6. In 3 Sätzen: Warum machen Sie Kunst?
"In three sentences: Why do you do art?" Because I yearn and search, in the hope of never being able to say that I found whatever I was searching for.
7. Welche Techniken bevorzugen Sie und warum?
"What techniques do you prefer, and why?" Dealing with technical complex pro cameras and its interchangeable lenses requires knowledge, experience and patience. The engagement with light is important as well. Preferably, I photograph with prime lenses like Canon EF 35mm and Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 as I appreciate their wide-aperture.
8. Wie lange brauchen Sie in der Regel für ein Kunstwerk?
"How long does it normally take you to create your artwork?" Particularly in photography, it depends on various factors. The search of motives can vary in time. Mood, light, coincidence and ones inner state of mind have an impact on searching for motives. The processes of developing digital Raw files in Lightroom usually takes up a lot of time.
9. Gibt es Menschen, die Ihre Kunst beeinflusst haben?
"Are there people who influenced your work?" Of course there are artists who have inspired the direction of my photography career. Ansel Adams, William Eggleston and Vivian Maier to name just a few.
10. Welche Frage haben wir Ihnen nicht gestellt, die Sie hier gerne noch beantworten möchten?
"What do you think makes a good photograph?" In the words of Ansel Adams: "A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed."